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PicMyGame Top Pic | Win 100,000 Points!


Presenting: PicMyGame's Top Pics! You can get the chance to earn 100,000 Points which will be credited to your account in Allkeyshop's Rewards Program! Read on to find out how this works.


Our team will select a theme each week, and we will select the best screenshots/artwork/GIFs and will make these go head-to-head to find out which photo will win as PicMyGame's Top Pic of the Week.

The number of Top Pic Candidates will depend on how many screenshots/artwork/GIFs will meet our team's standards and the week's chosen theme. The theme will be announced every week on our Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest pages

Weekly Themes! The possibilities are endless!


1. We will post our Top Pic Candidates on our social media pages and on our dedicated Top Pics page on our website.

2. If your photo makes it as a Top Pic Candidate, all you need to do is ask your friends to Vote, Share/Like, Tweet, Google +1 and Pin your photo using the VOTING WIDGET found on our Top Pic Candidates of the Week Blog Post. The voting period will last for 6 days, or may be extended depending on the duration specified on the Voting Widget. Our team will tally each of the Top Pic Candidates' scores and the photo with the most number of Total Entries, along with FB Likes, Tweets, G+, and Pinterest Pins on the VOTING WIDGET will be declared as the winner. Entries received using REFERRALS won't be counted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our team will only base the number of votes as specified on the VOTING WIDGET itself. Votes that are gathered using the SOCIAL MEDIA buttons found on the Candidate's screenshot page will be disregarded and won't be counted. Entries received from referrals won't be counted.


A voting widget is found at the bottom of each photo found on our Top Pic of the Week Candidates Blog Post. To vote for a photo, simply login to the widget with your Facebook or your email address. Once logged in, follow the steps provided, such as Like, Tweet, Pin, etc. By using the social media buttons on the voting widget, you are also casting a vote for the Candidate's photo.

PicMyGame Test   PicMyGame


At the top-right corner above the photo, you will see STAR icons. To vote for a photo, all you need to do is click the number of stars you're rating the photo with.

PicMyGame Top Pic   Win 100 000 Points    PicMyGame


*The Top Pic Candidates our team will be listing is considered final. We won't be entertaining any disputes about it.

*Only those photos marked with our Top Pic logo are considered as candidates for Top Pic of the Week.

*The theme of the week will be decided by our team and will be announced on our social media pages in advance.

So are you ready to take on the challenge? Now, get your game face on and capture the best screenshots, create your best video game artwork/GIF, and send it over to our team through email: picture@picmygame.com. Who knows? Your photo just might be PicMyGame's Top Pic of the Week!

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